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Reward Points



             There are currenlty two ways a customer can earn reward points.




             You will need to create an account in order to save your points once earned.



             Redeeming 100 points = $1


             Redeeming your BHD reward points online is easy:






  • To earn points, customers must first register as a member online by creating a free account that requires an email address and password. 


  • To earn points for future purchases, members must sign into their account using the email address and password used to create their original account before completing a valid transaction. 


  • If using a gift certificate or reward points as part-payment for an order, reward points will still be earned on any value remaining on that order. Eg. If your order comes to $80, and you are using $30 of reward points, you will earn rewards on the remaining $50, as usual. 


  • Points earned will be adjusted for all returned and refunded merchandise.


  • Registered online customers earn 2 points for every $1 spent on retail purchases, exclusive of shipping charges. 


  • Points are rounded up or down to the nearest dollar spent. 


  • Unauthorised purchases and fraudulent transactions do not earn points. 


  • There is no limit to the number of points you can earn. 


  • Points are for individual consumers only and cannot be sold, auctioned or transferred to another members account. 


  • Points have no cash value. 


  • Customers continue to accumulate points whilst their account is active. An active account is defined by a minimum of one purchase every twelve months. Inactive accounts will default to a zero point balance but will resume point earnings at the time of the next purchase.


  • Points are earned on the BHD sale price and not the RRP.


  • Promotional codes, discounts and gift certificates are ineligible to earn points. 


  • Points cannot be credited to customers who complete a transaction not in their original account. 


  • Rewards points cannot be back dated.


  • BHD Rewards are exclusive to and are not valid in conjunction with any other offer or third party supplier.


  • From time-to-time we may offer bonus point promotions which we will promote on our website or via email to newsletter subscribers.