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Eco-Kid, the kid friendly and ecological line of hair products that are made from organically certified, wild harvested, naturally derived ingredients. All Eco-Kid products are naturally preserved, fragranced and coloured and help treat common scalp and skin issues that often affect children.


All Eco-Kid products are formulated from a minimum of 22% and up to 99% of natural raw ingredients to grant you the best possible hair product for your child on the market today. With Eco-Kid, the eco friendly hair product line, you will gently take care of a child's scalp while being environmentally aware and helping promote the idea of truly natural products to be used as widely as possible.

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eco.kid Lice Bomb Combo Pack
RRP Price: $
BHD Price: $40.41
eco.kid Lice Bomb Lotion 60ml
RRP Price: $
BHD Price: $18.09
eco.kid Nourish Conditioner 250ml
RRP Price: $
BHD Price: $12.14
eco.kid Prevent Shampoo 250ml
RRP Price: $
BHD Price: $12.14